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I’m pleased to announce my involvement as an executive producer in a new project, UNSUNG, a scripted podcast series loosely based on my life.


The episodic comedy series is inspired by my experience as a musician, navigating a constantly evolving music industry. In the series, the fictional Alec Sulton suffers a heart attack on stage and is forced to re-engage with his three adult children, all talented musicians themselves. While the kids know all too well how self-destructive and at times incredibly self-absorbed their dad can be, he's also the foundation on which they've built their own weird little lives. With unexpected family bonding and a little rock and roll, who knows what might happen?   


​"There have been so many crazy situations and experiences in my life - both highs and lows - that can be hard to describe. This series delivers a lot of those moments with powerful insights and amazing clarity. I look forward to sharing this story with both fans who know me and others who may be discovering me and my music for the first time. 


Tune in on March 15 to listen to the first season here!

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